A modern and more affordable analogue – Ultrasonic therapy device Sonopulse multifrequency 1 and 3 MHz Manufacturer (Trademark): MALOOYAROSLAVETSKY INSTRUMENT PLANT, JSC (RUSSIA) Device for ultrasound therapy UZT-1.07F

Device for ultrasound therapy UZT-1.07F – Universal ultrasonic therapeutic device with microprocessor control UZT-1.07F is intended for ultrasound treatment of various diseases of the peripheral nervous system of the musculoskeletal system, periodontal disease, glossalgia, arthrosis, arthrosis, keloid and postoperative scars of the face and neck, urological diseases such as chronic pyelonephritis, cystitis, distania, chronic prostatitis, urolithiasis, traumatic cataracts, hemophthalmos, partial atrophy of the optic nerve, pigmentary retinal degeneration, cicatricial diseases of the eyelids, moibomyitis, chalazions, skloritis.

The device UZT-1.07F is produced to replace the existing series of devices UZT-1.01F, UZT-1.02S, UZT-1.03U, UZT-1.04 and performs all their functions, works with any of the eight emitters without additional settings.

The device is equipped with a special electronic unit that allows you to work both in continuous and pulsed modes, maintain a given radiation intensity, taking into account the parameters of the tissue being treated.

Recommended for use in physiotherapy rooms of polyclinics.

The set of the device includes: electronic unit, three emitters, spatula, cable, fuses.

Emitters IUT 0.88-05.10F, IUT 0.88-1.06F, IUT 0.88-1.090, IUT 0.88-2.07S, IUT 0.88-2.08U are supplied on a separate request.

Apparatus for ultrasonic therapy UZT-1.07F Specifications:

– powered by AC 220 V, 50 Hz;

– power consumption, no more, W – 45;

– frequency of ultrasonic vibrations, MHz – 0.88 ± 0.1%;

– effective area of ​​emitters, sq. cm:

– 0.88-1.03F – 1;

– 0.88-1.05F – 1;

– 0.88-4.04F – 4;

– adjustment of the given power – step;

– the intensity of ultrasonic vibrations, in steps, W / cu. cm – from 0 to 1 with a step of 0.1;

– pulse duration, ms – 2.4 and 10 ± 20%;

– pulse repetition frequency, Hz – 50;

– procedure time, min – from 1 to 30;

– overall dimensions, mm – 380x140x310;

– weight, kg, no more than – 4.5.