Arm cuff for WIC-2008

Massage is carried out with the help of alternate air injection into special cuffs worn on the human body. The cuffs are divided into several sections and the air pressure in each is individually controlled by a computer. The device has a wide range of therapeutic and cosmetic indications. Indispensable for overweight people or in the postoperative period.

As a result of the procedure, lymph circulation is restored and venous outflow in the lower extremities improves. Positive results are immediately visible: blood supply to the muscles improves, lightness appears, chronic fatigue disappears. Now pressotherapy is widely used for cosmetic purposes for the prevention of varicose veins, the fight against cellulite and body shaping. In beauty salons and wellness studios, it is actively used to increase the effectiveness of some cosmetic procedures – in particular, the effectiveness of body wraps is significantly enhanced.