Physiotherapy apparatus WIC-2008 for pressotherapy and lymphatic drainage (2 legs, waist, without LCD)

Physiotherapy apparatus for pressotherapy and lymphatic drainage WIC-2008 (2 cuffs) WIC2008 is an ideal device for pressotherapy and lymphatic drainage at home, as well as for a small medical center or beauty parlor!

Unlike most pressotherapy devices not registered in Russia, the WIC-2008 device has passed all trials and tests and is included in the state register as medical equipment.

Designed for lymphatic drainage pneumomassage of arms, legs, and pelvic and waist areas. Massage is carried out using four-section cuffs worn on the arm, or on the legs, or on the waist, into which compressed air is supplied according to the program selected on the control unit. As a result of the impact of compressed air on exposed tissues, lymph and edematous fluid are displaced from the extremities, blood flow increases, and pressure in the veins decreases.

Recommended for:

– Prevention of disorders of the cardiovascular system.

– Prevention of varicose veins, venous thrombosis.

– Prevention of diseases associated with a sedentary lifestyle (including the prevention of prostatitis, impotence, constipation).

– For cosmetic and anti-cellulite purposes (reduction of body volume, improvement of the condition and elasticity of the skin, removal of edema).

– Recovery after injuries and operations. Especially indicated for bedridden patients and postoperative recovery.


– Thrombophlebitis.

– Renal and heart failure.

– Use of pacemakers.

– Predisposition to cancer.


Ideal for: home, for legs, for body
Cameras: 4
Pressure Rate Regulator: eat
Pressure range: 50 ~ 300mmHg ±10%
Time range: 0 ~ 60 min
Dimensions: 280 x 215 x 172 mm