The purpose of the universal normalizing transducer OWEN NPT-1

The normalizing transducer OWEN NPT-1 is designed to convert the temperature value measured using a thermocouple or thermal resistance into a unified DC signal 0(4) – 20 mA. It can be used in secondary devices of systems for automatic control, regulation and control of technological processes in various industries, including those controlled by Rostekhnadzor, as well as in public utilities, dispatching, telemechanical information-measuring complexes, etc.

When configuring OWEN NPT-1 is connected to the USB port of a personal computer using a standard miniUSB cable. The miniUSB cable is not included in the scope of delivery. We recommend using a miniUSB cable with a length of at least 1 m; with shorter cables, it may be difficult to establish a connection with the NPT-1 configurator software if you are working on a laptop.

The main functions of the universal normalizing transducer OWEN NPT-1

  • Converting temperature sensor signals into a unified signal 0(4)…20mA
  • Universal input
  • Support for most known types of thermal sensors
  • High Conversion Accuracy
  • High resolution
  • USB 2.0 setup
  • Working temperature range “-40…+85 C”
  • High reliability. Compliance with GOST R 51522-99 for EMC, class A