A safe and compact tabletop instrument that makes it easy to dispose of used needles and syringes thanks to the built-in burner and syringe cannula cutter.
Compared to mechanical needle destroyers, where the needles are cut but still sharp, infected and can cause infection to a healthy person, Nulife DOTS burns the needle, decontaminates it and destroys the syringe.


Dimensions: 165 mm x 115 mm x 120 mm
Weight: 1.7 kg.
Power: 230 volts, ± 10% 50 Hz, single phase
Protection: 2 amp ¾” glass fuses


1. Needle burner and syringe destructor with a guillotine to cut the cannula (or without a guillotine) Nulife DOTS — 1 pc.
2. Spare knife for cutting the cannula of the syringe – 1 pc.
3. Passport and instructions for use – 1 pc.

When using this instrument, observe the following precautions:

1) Before connecting the device, check on the indicator whether the voltage of the device matches the voltage of the devices at your workplace.
2) Never immerse the wire and plug in water.
3) Turn off the appliance when not in use and before cleaning.
4) Turn off the appliance before removing the collection tray.
5) Clean the appliance from above by wiping only with a soft dry cloth. After removing the storage tray, it must be cleaned with disinfection.
6) If the appliance requires an extension cord, then a 5A current cord should be used. A cord marked with lower amps may burn out.
7) Place the device so that the wire does not interfere with work.
8)The device is intended only for burning needles from 19g to 31g, followed by cutting the cannula of the syringe. This device is not intended for the destruction of other metal objects. Do not try to destroy glass and metal syringes: this can lead to serious damage to the device blade.
9) Do not use the instrument in the presence of volatile gases or other volatile substances.
10) Do not insert your finger into the device.
11) For best protection, use a fuse that matches the instrument’s fuse rating.
12) Do not break the needle with the cutter.
13) Needles thinner than 19g should be burned in another machine.
14) Burn a maximum of 2 needles per minute.