Moisture analyzer Evlas-2M combines electronic scales, a drying cabinet, a cooling desiccator and a calculator for calculations – one measuring tool instead of a set of equipment. Evlas-2M is a compact, affordable and highly accurate moisture analyzer, which is ideal for product quality control, as well as for providing input control in receiving departments.

Within 5-15 minutes (depending on the moisture content of the sample, the weight of the sample and the properties of the product), drying is carried out, during which the built-in microprocessor calculates all values ​​based on the measurement data, the final result is displayed. Evlas-2M turns off either in timer mode or in fully automatic mode when the sample reaches a constant weight.

Scope of moisture analyzer Evlas-2M:

  • Agriculture: grain, seeds of various crops, wool and fibers, mixed grain and animal feed, any flour, etc.
  • Production of bread and bakery products: flour, dough, yeast, bread, bakery products, pasta, vermicelli, etc.
  • Confectionery production: flour, dough, cream, butter, margarine, semi-finished products, confectionery mixes, jellies, finished products, etc.
  • Processing of oilseeds: seeds, cake, meal, etc.
  • Fat and cosmetic enterprises: mayonnaise, margarine, cream, jelly, semi-finished products, washing powder, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.
  • Food processing plants and processing plants: cereals, mixtures, dry semi-finished products, dry drinks, cereals, sticks, mushrooms, berries, nuts, canned food, etc.
  • Meat and food processing plants: meat and meat products, as well as their components (sausages, sausages, minced meat, canned food, spices, etc.)
  • Fish processing and canning enterprises: fish, marine mammals, marine invertebrates, products of their processing, etc.
  • Dairy processing plants: butter, cheese, cottage cheese, milk powder, cream powder, yogurt, semi-finished products, etc.
  • Pharmaceutical industry: dry vaccines and preparations, powders, tablets, creams, suspensions, etc.
  • Construction industry: cement, gypsum, chalk, mortars, sealants, putty, wood, polymer powders, roofing and insulation materials, polymers, etc.
  • Other: powders, dry mixes, pastes, dry products and more.


Humidity measurement range, % 0 – 100
Limit of absolute instrumental error of the analyzer, % no more than ± 0.2
Error range of moisture measurement results depending on the analyzed material, % From ± 0.2 to ± 1.5
Operating mode temperature setting range, °C 70 – 160
The error of setting and maintaining temperatures of operating modes, °С no more than ± 2
The results are displayed in digital form with readout resolution, % 0.01
Sample weight range for analysis, mg 2000 – 10,000
Warm-up time and establishment of the operating mode, min no more than 30
Overall dimensions, mm 187x230x320
Weight, kg 6.3
Power consumption, W no more than 370