Drying cabinet ASESh-8-2.

Designed to determine the moisture content in solid, friable and pasty materials according to standardized methods for a specific analyte. The installation implements a thermogravimetric (air-thermal) method for determining the mass fraction of moisture, based on measuring the mass of the sample of the analyzed substance before and after its drying, followed by calculating the values ​​of the mass fraction of moisture.


  • Crop, agriculture and forestry products
  • Products of the meat, dairy, fish, flour and cereal, feed and microbiological industries
  • Food industry products
  • Pulp, paper, cardboard and products thereof
  • Medicines, chemical-pharmaceutical products and medical products
  • Building materials
  • Products of the logging and sawmilling and woodworking industries
  • Soils, soils, mineral fertilizers

Air-thermal measuring units ASESh-8 are registered in the State Register of measuring instruments under No. 58526-14, they have a certificate of approval of the type of measuring instruments RU.C.31.005A No. 56847.


  • Availability of two independent drying chambers
  • Two independent drying chambers and two installation and temperature control units provide the possibility of independent measurements in two chambers at the same time.
  • Convenient access to the cells of the drying chamber
  • On the front side of the cabinet there are four doors for access to the cells.
  • Possibility of simultaneous determination of moisture content of 12 samples
  • The drying chamber of the air-thermal installation consists of 12 independent cells with a total capacity of 24 bottles.
  • There is no need to warm up the drying chamber before placing samples above the set drying temperature
  • The drying chamber is a cast aluminum body, divided into independent cells (2 bottles can be placed in each cell), so that the temperature in the drying chamber does not drop when placing samples.
  • Possibility of placing samples in a working drying chamber with samples already present in it
  • This is possible thanks to the design of the drying chamber, which consists of 4 independent sections. Each section has its own door.
  • The output to the operating mode is 30 minutes
  • The power of air-thermal installations is 1200 W. When entering the operating mode, the power consumption is the same as for similar cabinets with low power.
  • natural ventilation
  • The absence of rotating elements ensures absolute noiselessness of operation and a long service life.
  • A special program for processing and archiving measurements has been developed for air-thermal installations ASESh-8

The program allows:

  • Set the operating temperature in the chambers using a personal computer
  • Set the necessary parameters for the process of drying samples according to the chosen method
  • Display all current processes (drying, drying, cooling) and parameters (temperature, time) during testing. Control the process by means of an electronic timer with an audible signal.
  • Record all weighing results.
  • Perform moisture calculations according to standardized procedures. To calculate moisture content with pre-drying, the program uses formulas that allow you to get an accurate result.
  • Archive and print test results.


Moisture mass fraction measurement range, % from 5 to 45
Operating temperature range, °С from 60 to 150
Error in establishing and maintaining temperature in the working area, °С, no more than 2.0
Limits of permissible absolute error, % ±0.5
Standard deviation measurement result, % 0.08
The duration of the temperature recovery in the chamber after loading the bottle with samples into it, min, no more than 10
Power consumption, VA, no more than 1200
Overall dimensions, mm, no more than 700×300×300
Weight , kg, no more than 34