Cooler AO-3 is designed for accelerated cooling of samples of grain, legumes and oilseeds when determining moisture content by air-thermal method (GOST 13586.5-93, GOST 10856-96). This method is used to determine the moisture content of grain at grain-receiving and processing enterprises in average shift and average daily samples, during acceptance, release and shipment, as well as in control determinations.
According to the requirements of GOSTs, the cooler is included in the list of equipment for determining moisture content with preliminary drying.
Usually, grain samples after preliminary drying are cooled in the laboratory room to ambient temperature. However, with such cooling, only the surface layers of the samples reach the ambient temperature, which affects the results of the analyzes. The use of the AO-3 cooler allows both to speed up the process of sample cooling and to achieve a stable distribution of moisture during cooling, which significantly increases the reliability of the moisture determination results.


Fan power, no more than, W 26
Fan rotation speed, rpm 2650
Air flow, l/min 90
Timer setting range, min 0-10
Overall dimensions, mm 270*325*400
Weight, kg 3.7
Power supply Single-phase AC 220 V, 50 Hz