Single-reflector diagnostic mobile lamp SD200 (analogue P-6)

Sales leader for medical centers and private offices!

The SD-200 luminaire is designed to illuminate the working field during diagnostic medical examinations, after operations and in other necessary cases in clinics and hospitals.

Bastenev, halogen, increased power (illuminance not less than 40,000 lux).

Easy to move with small, nimble wheels.

Has a reinforced base.

Areas of use

  • Surgery
  • Therapy
  • GynecologyCharacteristic features of the lamp:
  • simple design
  • ease of adjustment and rotation of the upper head of the lamp and low effort to move it
  • heat filters to prevent heating of the doctor’s head
  • modern design
  • ease of movement (wheel support)
  • small dimensionsTechnical specifications:
    • Illumination 40,000 lux
    • Color temperature 4000K±500K
    • Email power supply 220V, 50Hz
    • Power – 75W
    • Package size 156 x 54 x 32cm
    • Gross weight 23 kg