LIGHT surgical, mobile

floor model: YD01-4

Surgical light YD01-4 with four reflectors (hereinafter referred to as a light for short) is designed to serve as a lighting device for medical examinations and operations in sanitary and medical institutions. Due to its rational configuration, easy movement and soft lighting, this luminaire can be used as an auxiliary light for most operations or as a main light for some operations. In this shadowless luminaire, a plurality of halogen light sources are installed in the annular lamp, whereby stable, uniform, bright and shadowless illumination can be obtained within the space required for operation.


1. Power supply: AC voltage 220V±4V, 50Hz±1Hz;

2. Input power: 120W;

3. Bulb power: 25W;

4. Illumination: not less than 40,000 lux;

5. Color temperature: 4000±500K;

6. Temperature rise: no more than 10°С;

7. Tubular fuse: RF Ф5mm x 20mm; 1A (for connection to the network of power supplies);

8. Dimensions: 114x67x30cm.