Design features:

  • A special balancer gives stability to the luminaire body.
  • The streamlined shape with a minimum of protruding parts makes it possible to use the lamp in disinfected operating rooms.
  • Well-chosen parameters of light emission and color temperature provide excellent illumination.
  • Due to the lightweight materials used in its manufacture, the shadowless operating lamp is lightweight and can be easily carried from place to place.
  • During the operation, the light spot is adjusted using a handle that is easily sterilized and the lamp remains sterile.
  • The device has increased reliability, since each component has an independent electrical circuit.

Electrical characteristics:

1) Supply voltage: 220W;
2) Supply current frequency: 50Hz;
3) Power consumption: 150VA;
4) Bulb power: 25W;
5) Main fuse: RT1-20 1.5A 250V;

Performance characteristics:

1) Rated brightness: 50.000 Lux;
2) Color temperature: 4000K;

Mechanical characteristics:

1) Angle of rotation of the bracket on the
fixed support: 360 degrees;

2) Angle of rotation of the lamp body around
the mounting sleeve: 360 degrees.

3) Angle of elevation and inclination of the fork
: 38 degrees;

4) Angle of rotation of fork part
left and right: 150 degrees;

5) Rotation angle of the lamp body around the
fork: 120 degrees.