Laboratory mill LZM-1M

LZM-1M is designed for grinding samples of cereals, leguminous crops and other solid food products (for example, pasta) with a moisture content of not more than 18.0% in order to determine their quality. The main purpose of the LZM-1M mill is to grind a sample to determine moisture content. The principle of operation of the mill is based on grinding the product with a steel knife, which, rotating at high speed, grinds the grain.

The mill consists of an electric motor in a housing, on which a plastic cup is fixed, where grain is poured for grinding. A two-blade knife is fixed on the motor shaft.

The grain is ground as follows: a sample of grain weighing no more than 50 g is poured into the previously cleaned glass of the mill. The glass is closed with a lid and secured with a special clamp. Then insert the plug into the socket and press the “START” button. At the end of the specified time, but not more than 5 minutes, press the switch button. After stopping the rotation of the knife (heard by the sound), remove the clamp, open the lid and pour the ground product out of the glass.


Power supply, V 220
Power consumption, W 140
Mode of operation – repeated-short-term. 5 minutes. work, 10 min. break (one cycle)
Cup capacity, cm3 120
Grain sample, maximum, g 50
The speed of rotation of the motor shaft at idle, not less than, rpm 23000
Weight, kg 1.1