Microscope XS-90 (Analogue of microscope Mikmed-5)

It is intended for researches of preparations in the passing light in the bright field, and in an additional complete set – and by a dark field method. The XS-90 microscope is one of the most successful models designed for routine laboratory work. The package of this model includes additional lenses, eyepieces, two spare halogen lamps, 3 light filters, an illumination mirror.


Magnification, times 40-1600x
Nozzle Binocular
Eyepieces wide-field 10x; 16x, 16x DIN
Revolving device For 4 lenses
Lenses 4x/0.10; 10x/0.25; 40x/0.65; 100x/1.25 oil
Light filters 3 filters
Illumination mirror with holder
Subject table With coordinate movement 125×115 mm
Condenser Abbe, aperture 1.25
Light source Halogen lamp, 6V/20W continuously dimmable
Net AC voltage 220V, frequency 50Hz