The EVA Educational Microscope is an optical and digital device designed to explore the fascinating microcosm.
The microscope was developed for the Japanese company Kenko and, like everything created for the Japanese market, it features an amazing combination of modern design and technology with high quality. The body of the microscope is made of thick plastic, which reduces weight while maintaining the strength of the product. The optics are made of special optical plastic.
The microscope kit includes a USB-camera (1.3 MP) with which you can transfer the picture in real time to a computer monitor. The camera can also be used separately from the microscope. The software included in the kit allows you to save photo and video files, which will allow you to create a real report about your research and share your discoveries with friends.

A modern and easy-to-use EVA microscope is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The microscope is powered by batteries (3 AA batteries, not included).
The microscope stand has a built-in drawer for storing samples and accessories.
Built-in LED illuminators of reflected (upper) and transmitted (lower) light allow you to examine transparent and opaque samples (coins, fabrics, etc.).
The magnification range of the microscope is 20-200x (3 lenses 10x, 60x and 100x + smooth magnification of the “head” optical system from 1x to 2x). 200x magnification allows you to study the structure of the cell on the example of onion skins and other available samples, and 50x is suitable for a detailed examination of plant leaves, banknotes and other larger objects.
The kit includes clean glass slides and tweezers with a pipette for making your samples, as well as a ready-made sample with cotton fibers.
An interesting experience in childhood opens up great prospects for the future, whether it be a hobby or a profession.

Package contents:

Digital Video Camera
Software CD
Operating Instructions
Clean slide – 3 pcs
Prepared sample – cotton 1 pcs

Overall dimensions of the box 125*300*165 mm
Weight 1kg