Microscope binocular EUM-5000

The binocular microscope EUM-5000 is used for observation and morphological studies of preparations in transmitted light by the bright field method, as well as by the dark field method and phase contrast (optional). Ability to display real-time images on a PC screen using a video eyepiece and photograph the image of objects using a camera-based visualization kit.

Number of lenses – 4 pcs.
Eyepieces, x/field – 10/22
Centerable Abbe condenser
Largest numerical aperture – 1.25
Object table – 1 pc.
LED illuminator – 1 pc.
AC power supply.
Microscope objective:
parfocal height – 45 mm.
standard – DIN
magnification – 20 times
aperture – 0.4.


Microscope magnification, times 40-1000
Angle of inclination of the visual nozzle, degree ≥30
Adjustable interpupillary distance, mm within 48-75
Stage length, mm 180
Stage width, mm 150