Microscope digital Biolab VM-3

Currently, when choosing microscopes, one can increasingly meet such a requirement as the ability to display an image on a monitor. This choice is due to the fact that working with a monitor simplifies the work of the operator and makes it more comfortable, while increasing the quality and productivity of work.

First of all, the Biolab digital microscope VM-3 will be of interest to specialists who are engaged in the development and repair of radio electronics. In terms of its characteristics, a video microscope resembles stereoscopic microscopes with smoothly variable magnification, but the image is displayed only on the base screen. Distinctive features of such microscopes are a large working distance (the distance from the object to the front lens) and a large field of view. This combination will allow you to simultaneously observe a large working area and use additional tools in your work.

Microscope digital Biolab VM-3 is a lens with variable magnification in the range from 0.7 to 4.5x. The magnification changes smoothly. Attached to the lens is a 2-megapixel digital video camera. An optical coupler is located between the lens and the camera, which has its own discrete magnification (0.35x, 0.5x, 1x and 2x). By changing the magnification of the coupler, you can achieve a larger increase, but the field of view will decrease. An attachment lens with discrete magnification (0.5x, 0.75x, 1x and 2x) is attached to the main lens. When ordering a larger increase in the nozzle, it should be remembered that the working length is reduced.

The microscope comes with a 10” LCD monitor, which is mounted on a microscope stand.

Illumination is provided by an annular shadowless illuminator with adjustable brightness.

Complete set of the base model :

  1. ZOOM lens: 0.7-4.5x
    2. Attachment lens: 1x
    3. Optical coupler: 0.5x
    4. Tripod
    5. 2MP video camera
    6. Shadowless ring illuminator (60 LEDs);
    7. 10″ LCD monitor
    8. Cable set.


Attachment lens magnification Parameter optical coupler
0.35X 0.5X 0.75X 1X 1.5X 2X
0.5X Overall increase 0.1225~0.7875 0.175~1.125 0.2625~1.688 0.35~2.25 0.525~3.375 0.5~4.5
Field of view (mm) 46~7 35~5 23.5~4 17.6~3 11.8~2 8.8-1~3
Working distance (mm) 198
0.75X Overall increase 0.18375~1.18125 0.2625~1.6875 0.39375~2.53125 0.525~3.375 0.7875~5.0625 1.05~6.75
Field of view (mm) 31-4.7 23.5-3.6 15.7-2.4 39459 7.8-1.2 6-0.9
Working distance (mm) 131
1X Overall increase 0.245~1.575 0.35~2.25 0.525~3.375 0.7~4.5 1.05~6.75 1.4~9
Field of view (mm) 23-3 17.6-2.7 12-1.8 9-16 6-0.98 4-0.7
Working distance (mm) 96
1.5X Overall increase 0.3675~2.3625 0.525~3.375 0.7875~5.0625 1.05~6.75 1.575~10.125 2.1~13.5
Field of view (mm) 15-2.3 11.8-1.8 7.8-1.2 6-0.99 4-0.61 3-0.4
Working distance (mm) 63
2X Overall increase 0.49-3.15 0.7~4.5 1.05~6.75 1.4~9 2.1~13.5 2.8~18
Field of view (mm) 11.6-1.7 8.8-1.3 6-0.9 4-0.71 3-0.41 2-0.3
Working distance (mm) 46