Microscope biological inverted Biolab-I

In biological laboratories, it is often required to study objects placed not on glass slides, but in special laboratory glassware, for example, Petri dishes, flasks, plates. Objects can be covered with a lid or in a liquid environment. Direct microscopes cannot be used due to the fact that it is impossible to bring the lens to the object at the distance necessary for work. In such cases, the possibility of using inverted microscopes should be considered. A feature of such microscopes is the location of lenses under the object under study, as well as the use of lenses with an increased working distance, which makes it possible to take into account the presence of a laboratory glassware wall.

The biological microscope Biolab I is inverted and allows solving the main tasks solved with the help of microscopes of this class in biology, microbiology, histology, immunology. The lighting system is located above the object of study, which means that it implements the main object lighting scheme used in biology, illumination in transmitted light, and also allows the use of dishes up to 70 mm high. The microscope kit includes both simple lenses that allow you to work without contrast, and phase lenses Ph10 and Ph20 that provide work with phase contrast. This method is especially relevant when it is required to work with living unstained cells or organisms.

The Biolab I microscope is equipped with an independent optical channel for installing a video eyepiece. To display an image on a computer monitor, we recommend using the ToupCam 9.0 MP video eyepiece .

Key Features:

• Ability to work with laboratory glassware;
• Availability of phase lenses;
• Large working length of lenses.
• Independent channel for placing a video eyepiece;
• Large object table.


Parameter Meaning
Microscope type Inverted
optical head trinocular
Interpupillary distance 50-75 mm
Microscope magnification 40-400x (up to 800x)
Eyepieces 10x/20 mm; 10x/18 mm with scale
Planachromat objectives 4x/0.1
Stage size 242×172 mm
travel range 75×50 mm
Numerical aperture of the condenser 0.75
Working section of the condenser 75 mm
Illuminator 12V/30W