Luminescent microscope Biolab 11LUM (trinocular, planachromatic)

Professional luminescent trinocular microscope designed for solving routine work in biology, medicine, microbiology in the light of luminescence. The microscope has four high quality fluorescent plan achromatic objectives. Can also be used as a direct microscope in transmitted light. For luminescence, dyes such as FITC, TRITC, acridine orange, auramine-O, Rhodamine B200, Propidium Iodide can be used.

The microscope can be used in fields such as biology, cytology, oncology, hematology, genetics, immunology, microchemistry and environmental protection.

The Biolab 11LUM microscope is equipped with an independent optical channel for installing a video eyepiece. To display an image on a computer monitor, we recommend using the ToupCam 9.0 MP video eyepiece.


Parameter Meaning
Microscope type Direct fluorescent
optical head trinocular
Interpupillary distance 48-75 mm
Microscope magnification 40-1000x (up to 1600x)
Eyepieces 10x/22mm;
Planachromat objectives 4x/0.1
Stage size 180x150mm
travel range 75x50mm
transmitted light illuminator 6V/20W
Luminescent block 220V/100W, HBO100 mercury lamp
Filter block B (blue):
Excitation spectrum 500-550nm, dichroism 505nm, blocking filter 515nm.
G (green):
Excitation spectrum 410-490nm, dichroism 575nm, blocking filter 590nm.