Microscope BIOLAB C-16 with a video eyepiece.

A new model of a biological laboratory microscope for students and students, equipped with a 0.3 megapixel video eyepiece. The video eyepiece allows you to display an image on a computer screen, process the image, publish the results of observations on the Internet. Provides observation of objects in transmitted light. High-quality achromatic objectives and magnification up to 800x allow you to work with any biological materials in the form of smears and sections. The ability to work both from batteries and from a 220V network makes it universal and allows you to conduct observations both in the laboratory and in field conditions.

Microscope S-16 with video eyepiece. Thanks to a very affordable price, it will be an excellent purchase for any student. The 800X magnification provides a full range of opportunities to study a course in biology or medical specialties at the tertiary level. Thanks to the industry standard tube, it can always be supplemented with any professional video eyepiece (supplied separately). The Biolab C-16 microscope is perfect for organizing laboratory laboratories in schools, lyceums and other professional educational institutions.

S-16 microscope with a video eyepiece with high-quality achromatic optics, thanks to which you can get a detailed image of the object under study.

Contents of delivery:

Video eyepiece 0.3 megapixels.
Power adapter 220V
Batteries (AA) – 3 pcs.
Slides – 5 pcs.
Cover glasses – 5 pcs.
Ready micropreparations – 5 pcs.

Warranty – 12 months.


video eyepiece 0.3 MP
Microscope magnification multiples 80 – 800x
visual attachment monocular
Tube tilt 45gr.
Tube length 160mm.
Eyepiece WF20X
Revolving device for 3 lenses
Lenses achromatic 4x/ 10x/ 40x
Subject table 90x90mm.
Spring Loaded Drug Clamps There is
Condenser device disk with a set of 6 diaphragms
Light source LED
Power supply adapter 220v or 3 AA batteries, 4.5v
Weight 2.5kg.