MICROMED 1 var. 2 LED is a binocular microscope designed for observation and morphological studies of preparations in transmitted light by the bright field method, as well as by the dark field method with an optional condenser.
The microscope can be used in various fields of medicine, biology, botany, chemistry and other fields of science. It is used for diagnostic studies in clinics and hospitals, as well as for educational purposes in higher and secondary educational institutions. The microscope can be used to study stained and unstained biological objects in the form of smears and sections.
MICROMED 1 var. 2 LED provides the ability to display real-time images on a PC screen using a video eyepiece (not included). The video eyepiece is installed in one of the tubes of the microscope instead of the eyepiece.
The microscope is designed for a tube length of 160 mm, DIN standard objectives, parfocal height of the objectives 45 mm.
A distinctive feature from other microscopes in this series is the LED light source with brightness control.

Distinctive design features MICROMED 1 var. 2 LED

• dimmable LED light source: bright white spectrum light, the base does not heat up;
• a mechanism for adjusting the rigidity of the course of coarse focusing: allows the laboratory assistant to make individual adjustments;
• coarse focus locking mechanism: for quick adjustment of the microscope after changing the preparation;
• stable Y-shaped base;
• diopter adjustment on both tubes of the visual nozzle: allows you to choose the most comfortable position for the observer’s eyes.


Microscope magnification, times 40 – 1000 (1600; 2000 – option)
visual nozzle Binocular, diopter adjustment on both tubes
Angle of inclination of the visual nozzle, hail thirty
Adjustable interpupillary distance, within, mm 55 -75
Nozzle enlargement 1
Eyepieces wide-field 10/18; (5/18*; 12.5/15*; 16/15*; 20/11* – ordered additionally)
Revolving device for 4 lenses
Lens Correction Type achromats, designed for the length of the tube
Lenses 4x/0.1; 10x/0.25; 40x/0.65; 100x/1.25 mi (20x/0.4*; 60x/0.85* – ordered separately)
Subject table, mm 142×132
Range of drug movement, mm 75×50
Abbe centered condenser, max. numerical aperture 1.25
Light source LED 3W
Power supply – AC, V / Hz 220±22 /50
Overall dimensions, mm 215x405x280
Weight, no more than, kg 7