The analyzer of frequency characteristics of transformers АЧХИ-102 is designed for experimental determination of the amplitude and phase-frequency characteristics of dynamic objects, not only transformers, but also electric and hydraulic drives, technological installations, control systems for industrial equipment and transport, etc.
The amplitude-frequency characteristic of a transformer is, one might say, his “health card”. Having a number of measured frequency responses of the transformer taken: at the factory after production, after installation and during operation, especially after short circuits, it is possible to detect defects in windings and structural elements at an early stage. This makes it possible to increase the reliability of transformers during operation and reduce the number of unreasonable “calendar” withdrawals for repairs.
The design of the device: the device contains two isolated measuring channels (input), which receive and pre-process the signals of the analyzed object, and an isolated channel of the test (sinusoidal) signal generator (output). The instrument is controlled and the settings and results are displayed using a personal computer connected to the instrument via a USB interface.
Fully complies with the developed standard GOST R IEC 60076-18:2012 “Power transformers and electrical reactors. Method for measuring frequency characteristics.
Category: Devices for diagnostics of station and substation equipment


  • Determination of the amplitude and phase-frequency characteristics of dynamic objects in the frequency range of 0.1 MHz … 2 MHz