The automatic Kjeldahl distillation unit LK-500 is designed for steam distillation of decomposition products in the determination of nitrogen in organic compounds by the Kjeldahl method. The plant can be used for automatic steam stripping of various substances, such as alcohols and volatile acids.
The unit is successfully used in the determination of nitrogen (determination of protein) in animal feed, grain products, foodstuffs, in chemical and pharmaceutical products, etc.

Design features:

  • Microprocessor control.
  • Automatic steam preparation and steam generator power adjustment for gentle stripping.
  • Automatic addition of sodium hydroxide solution.
  • Informative high-contrast vacuum fluorescent graphic display and encoder switch for easy operation of the unit.
  • Intuitive menu.
  • Ten custom distillation programs with the ability to set reagent volume, reaction time, steam power and distillation time.
  • Possibility to change the distillation time during operation.
  • Visual error notifications.
  • Sleep mode allows you to maintain steam power at a given level for instant start after a long break between distillations.
  • Reagent system calibration function to ensure the most accurate dosing.
  • Working chamber made of polypropylene and a transparent plastic door for protection against caustic reagents and monitoring the progress of distillation.
  • Sensor for automatic detection of the presence of a test tube with an analyzed sample.
  • Capillary thermal fuse for reliable independent protection against overheating of the steam generator.
  • Excess steam release valve.
  • The automatic valve of the cooling system to save tap water automatically turns off the water supply in sleep mode.
  • Possibility of connecting special canisters with level sensors (option) for automatic detection of the amount of reagents.


Reagent volume setting range, ml 0 … 200
Reaction and distillation time setting range, min 0 … 60
Steam power setting range, % 30 … 100
Average sample distillation time, min 2 … 4
Water consumption for cooling, l/min 5
Power consumption from the mains 220 V, W 2200
Overall dimensions, mm 460x370x760
Weight, kg 35