Purpose of the laminar shelter (box) (code 412.150 ex. 410.150):

protection of objects and materials inside the working chamber from external and cross contamination in a dust-free “clean” air environment;

work with substances that do not pose a threat to the health of the operator;

  • equipping individual workplaces of medical, pharmaceutical and other institutions with high requirements for clean air in the working area.

Application of laminar shelter (boxing):

  • Quality control in the pharmaceutical and food industries;

Preparation of ophthalmic solutions;

preparation of culture media;

  • Pharmaceutical industry.

Registration certificate of Roszdravnadzor No. FSR 2010/07113 dated March 18, 2010

Standard version of a laminar shelter (box) (code 412.150 ex. 410.150):

Working chamber

front glass – hinged, material – tempered glass, the mechanism for opening, closing and holding the glass in the open position is equipped with gas shock absorbers;

  • a damper for prevention of blow when closing front glass;

Tempered side windows

Inclined front surface of the box;

  • illumination of a working chamber light-emitting diode;

One block of sockets in the working chamber of the box (on the right on the back wall);

  • the laminarizer of an air stream is made of a fine-meshed polymeric grid.
  • The UV irradiation unit is located in the upper part of the rear wall of the working chamber and is protected by a stainless steel casing.

Cleaning system for incoming and outgoing air:

  • purification of the air entering the working chamber occurs through the G4 pre-filter and the H14 supply HEPA filter;

Two fans are installed to supply air to the box.

Elements of the control system

  • electroautomatic system – microprocessor;

boxing control panel – push-button with LCD display;

air flow parameters sensors;

individual fuse for the power supply line of the main functions of the box (fan, lighting, UV irradiation);

individual fuse for sockets installed in the working chamber;

The power cable is non-removable.


stand – frame with a shelf for legs;

transport wheels are provided for moving the box on the stand;

  • For stationary installation of the box at the place of operation, screw supports are provided.

Items to check

  • built-in air sampling port on the pressure chamber under the G4 filter to check the integrity of the HEPA filter.

Main parameters and dimensions of the LAMINAR SHELTER (box) BAVnp-01-“Laminar-S”-1,5 LORICA

Product number 1R-D.001-15.0
Overall dimensions of the box assembly with stand, mm (WxDxH) 1500x760x1870
Dimensions of the working chamber, mm (WxDxH) 1430x625x650
Weight of the box assembled with a stand (net), kg, no more 186
Power consumed by the box (excluding the load on the built-in socket block), W, not more than 410
Total maximum allowable load on the built-in socket block, W, no more 1000

The main characteristics of the laminar box BAVnp-01-“Laminar-S”-1,5 LORICA

Air purity class in the working chamber according to the concentration of suspended particles (aerosols) according to:
– GOST R 52249-2009
– GOST ISO 14644-1-2002
The average speed of the downward air flow in the working chamber of the box:

– speed set at the factory, m/s

– recommended speed range for self-adjustment, at which the uniformity (laminarity) of the air flow is guaranteed, m/s



Productivity for clean air supplied to the working chamber of the box, m3/h ≈1000*
Final HEPA filter class according to GOST R EN 1822-1-2010 H14
Pre-filter class according to GOST R EN 779-2014 G4
Illumination of the working area (integral value determined over the entire area of ​​the working area), Lux, not less than 1000
Sound pressure level at a distance of 1 m from the box, dB, no more 55