Appointment of a laminar cabinet (box) (code 452.120)

  • the box is designed to protect objects and materials inside the working chamber from external and cross-contamination in a dust-free “clean” air environment;

box is used when working with substances that do not pose a threat to the health of the operator;

  • The box is used for equipping individual workplaces of medical, pharmaceutical and other institutions with high requirements for clean air in the working area.

Registration certificate of Roszdravnadzor No. FSR 2010/07113 dated March 18, 2010

Recommended area of ​​application :

Laminar flow cabinets are used in all industries where there are high requirements for clean air.

This equipment can be placed inside existing clean rooms and clean zones to create local workplaces of a higher cleanliness class. Laminar flow cabinets installed in a row allow you to create a single assembly line.

The box is designed in such a way as to ensure the protection of the product (including from cross-contamination), to remove the contaminants arising during operation with the help of the air displaced from the box. This is achieved by creating a downward unidirectional airflow inside the box.

Standard execution of a laminar cabinet (box) (code 452.120)

Working chamber

front glass – hinged, material – tempered glass, the mechanism for opening, closing and holding the glass in the open position is equipped with gas shock absorbers;

  • a damper for prevention of blow when closing front glass;

Tempered side windows

Inclined front surface of the box;

tabletop Polystone;

  • illumination of a working chamber light-emitting diode;
  • two main blocks of sockets in the working chamber of the box on the right (connected to the mains of the box);
  • the laminarizer of an air stream is made of a fine-meshed polymeric grid.

Cleaning system for incoming and outgoing air

  • purification of the air entering the working chamber occurs through the G4 pre-filter and the H14 supply HEPA filter;

Two fans are installed to supply air to the box.

Drawer for tools

· in non-working position is located outside the working chamber, under its base.

· For the article 1R-D.006-12.0, the drawer is equipped with a working opening flap.

Elements of the control system

· electroautomatic system – microprocessor;

boxing control panel – push-button with LCD display;

air flow parameters sensors;

individual fuse for the power supply line of the main functions of the box (fan, lighting);

individual fuse for socket blocks installed in the working chamber;

The power cable is non-removable.

Items to check

· built-in air sampling port on the pressure chamber under the G4 filter to check the integrity of the HEPA filter.


stand – frame with a shelf for legs;

transport wheels are provided for moving the box on the stand;

· For stationary installation of the box at the place of operation, screw supports are provided.

Main technical characteristics of the laminar box
BAVnp-01-“Laminar-S”-1.2 FOTON

Air purity class in the working chamber according to the concentration of suspended particles (aerosols) according to:
– GOST R 52249-2009
– GOST ISO 14644-1-2002
Final HEPA filter class according to GOST R EN 1822-1-2010 H14
Pre-filter class according to GOST R EN 779-2014 G4
The average speed of the downward air flow in the working chamber of the box, m/s

– speed set at the factory, m/s

– recommended speed range for self-adjustment, at which the uniformity (laminarity) of the air flow is guaranteed, m/s



Illumination of the working area (integral value determined over the entire area of ​​the working area), Lux, not less than 1000
Sound pressure level at a distance of 1 m from the box, dB, no more 55

Main parameters and dimensions of the LAMINAR CABINET (BOX)
BAVnp-01-“Laminar-S”-1,2 PHOTON

Product number 1R-D.005-12.0 1R-D.006-12.0
Overall dimensions of the box assembly with stand, mm (WxDxH) 1200x760x1870 1200x720x1890
Dimensions of the working chamber, mm (WxDxH) 1130x625x650
Weight of the box assembled with a stand (net), kg, no more 162 164
Power consumed by the box (excluding the load on the built-in socket blocks), W, not more than 390
Total maximum allowable load on the built-in socket blocks, W, no more 1000
Productivity for clean air supplied to the working chamber of the box, m3/h 790*