OWEN KDTS (paired complete temperature sensors) are designed to work as part of various devices and systems for metering and controlling thermal energy: heat meters, heat metering units, heat supply systems ASKUT, ASKUTE or ASKUE, etc. The principle of operation of heat metering units and systems is based on continuous measurement of the temperature difference in the forward and return pipelines of the controlled object by means of paired complete temperature sensors, selected according to the closest possible output characteristics, and calculation of the consumed heat based on the data on the amount of coolant passing through the system.

Complete thermal converters OWEN KDTS measure the temperature and temperature difference in the forward and return pipelines at the inlet and outlet of the object by direct immersion in a coolant that is non-aggressive with respect to the material of the shell of their sensitive element.

Benefits of OWEN KDTS

  • They have the closest possible characteristics – the discrepancy is not more than 0.1 ° C.
  • They have different versions.
  • They pass the control of the factory quality control department and the initial verification.
  • Calibration interval – 4 years, which corresponds to the average calibration interval of most heat meters and metering units.

Application of OWEN KDTS

Application areas of OWEN KDTS: housing and communal services – metering units, heating networks, heating points of residential, public and industrial buildings, as well as metallurgy, chemical, food, oil refining and other industries where accounting and control of coolant consumption is required.

We invite to cooperation installation and design organizations involved in the design and implementation of heat metering units. We are ready to discuss special conditions and preferences.