Distinctive features of specialized temperature sensors for heating, air conditioning and ventilation (HVAC) systems

  • Designed to work with OWEN PLC controllers, with OWEN TPM133, TRM148, TPM151, MBA8 devices, and are also compatible with controllers from other manufacturers (Russian and foreign).
  • Full interchangeability with the most common foreign models.
  • Sensitive element – Pt1000 or on request Pt100, Pt500, 50M.

Ventilation systems are not included in the range of products and services (works), for which the legislative acts of the Russian Federation provide for their mandatory certification. It is put into effect by the Resolution of the State Standard of Russia of July 30, 2002 N 64 (as amended by the Resolution of the State Standard of the Russian Federation of 08.01.2003 N3, Amendments, approved by the State Standard of the Russian Federation). Accordingly, devices that are used to measure parameters in these systems are not subject to mandatory certification.

The DTS3xxx line does not have a certificate of approval of measuring instruments.




Measuring temperature range

-50…120 °С

Operating conditions:

ambient temperature

-40…85 °С
Measurement error

±(0.3+0.005|t|) °C

Connection diagram

2-wire – for Pt500 and Pt1000

3- and 4-wire – Pt100 and 50M