The movable fitting is intended for installation at the place of operation, as well as for regulating the immersion depth of thermoelectric and resistance thermocouples in the temperature measurement zone.

The fitting is designed for a pressure of 0.25 MPa.

Fluoroplast-4 GOST10007-80 up to 260 °C.
Weight: 135-240 g.

Drawing of the movable fitting

Execution L1, mm L2, mm M d, mm S1 S2
ShP G1/2.8 48 14.5 G1/2 8.5 S27 S22
ShP M20×1,5.8 48 14.5 M20×1.5 8.5 S27 S22
ШП М27×2.8 50 16.5 M27×2 8.5 S36 S22
ShP G1/2.10 48 14.5 G1/2 10.5 S27 S22
ShP G3/8.10 48 14.5 G3/8 10.8 S27 S22
ShP M20×1,5.10 48 14.5 M20×1.5 10.5 S27 S22
ShP M27×2.10 50 16.5 M27×2 10.5 S36 S22
ShP M27×2.20 47 16.5 M27×2 21.5 S36 S32
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