A special thermocouple, thermocouple or compensating cable (wire) is used to connect the thermocouple to the device, thereby reducing the measurement error. In thermocouple and thermoelectrode wires, the cores are made of the same alloy material as the cores of the thermocouple itself:

  • DTPC, chromel-alumel (TXA)
  • DTPL, chromel-kopel (TXK)
  • DTPN, nicrosil-nisil (TNN)
  • DTPJ, iron-constantan (TŽK)

Compensating wires for platinum-rhodium-platinum thermocouples (PP, PTPS) use conductors made of copper alloys.

The OWEN company offers multi-core and single-core cables in various insulations for connecting a thermoelectric converter with a secondary device.

Thermocouple cable type K (XA), chromel-alumel