Quartz irradiator ultraviolet bactericidal OUFb-04 “Solnyshko” is intended for general and intracavitary irradiation in the effective spectral range of 205-315 nM for inflammatory diseases of otoperinolaryngology in medical institutions and at home. The product is used for disinfection of air and surfaces of rooms of small volumes up to 70 cubic meters (this is about 20 sq.m).
Quartz lamp “Sun” OUFb 04 is a bactericidal ultraviolet irradiator used for general and intracavitary irradiation. The use of OUVb 04 makes it possible to treat inflammatory diseases, diseases of the nervous and respiratory systems, metabolic disorders, and compensate for the lack of sunlight both in medical institutions and at home.
OUFb 04 is characterized by convenience and ease of use, reliability, efficiency, and long service life. The operating mode of the irradiator is continuous operation for 30 minutes, then a 15-minute break is required.

Ultraviolet irradiation (local or general) is used to compensate for ultraviolet deficiency, increase resistance to various infections (for example, influenza), as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent for diseases of the joints, peripheral nervous (neuritis, neuralgia, radiculitis), muscle (myositis), respiratory (bronchitis, pleurisy) systems, with skin (fungus, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis), gynecological diseases, metabolic disorders, some forms of tuberculosis. In pediatrics, this type of phototherapy is used to prevent rickets, acute respiratory diseases, and increase the body’s defenses. In the interictal period of rheumatism, and in combination with antirheumatic drugs – and in the acute phase of the disease.
Quartz lamps, ultraviolet lamps – instructions for use:
Quartz (ultraviolet, bactericidal) lamp is designed to improve the body in the winter months. In winter, when our body receives almost no sunlight, irradiation with quartz has a very good effect. Of course, the artificial quartz sun will never replace the real one, but it enables millions of people to strengthen their bodies during the winter months.
Irradiation with a quartz lamp has a good effect on metabolism, blood circulation, enhances the body’s resistance to various diseases and infections. With the help of quartz sessions, you can fight some non-contagious skin diseases. But in these cases, it is especially necessary to consult a doctor before using quartz. The duration of irradiation should be increased gradually, starting from 1 minute and reaching up to 5 minutes. Especially diligently it is necessary to protect the eyes from the light of a quartz lamp. It is not necessary to wear sunglasses that leave ugly streaks on the skin. A cotton swab or a small piece of paper will cover your eyelids from excessive light. If you do not do this, you will spoil your eyes and, in addition, wrinkles will form, since the skin around the eyes is especially thin and devoid of fat. There are people whose organism cannot bear the mountain sun, neither artificial nor real. If some time after the end of the session you begin to have a severe headache, nervous irritation, dizziness, it is better to abandon the quartz lamp once and for all, even when you really want to give your white skin a golden hue.
Before irradiation with quartz, smear the skin with oil or cream, but not very abundantly. Oil or cream should be evenly rubbed. With oily skin, if the sebaceous glands work too intensively, you can achieve good results by carrying out procedures under the supervision of a doctor. Acne, which often affects young people during puberty, is well treated with a quartz lamp.
If you have very sensitive and dry skin, which is easily covered with cracks, if there are dilated blood vessels, you must completely abandon the quartz lamp, in this case, the use of the darsonval apparatus is recommended.
Those who suffer from freckles should take quartz sessions regularly, two or three times a week, for several minutes during the winter months. The skin will become even in color, and brown spots will not be evident when the first hot rays herald the beginning of spring. A quartz lamp helps with various hair diseases, as well as with their loss. But good results can only be achieved if the doctor’s instructions are followed exactly. Each person responds to treatment differently, so there are no general rules.
This quartz lamp is NOT intended for tanning procedures.
There are many names for a quartz lamp – a mercury-quartz lamp, a bactericidal lamp, a quartz medical lamp, an ultraviolet quartz lamp, infrared lamps, and a UV lamp.

Supply voltage 220V 50 Hz
Radiation range:
for local procedures 220-240 nm
for general irradiation 280-400 nm
Power consumption, not more than 300 VA
Overall dimensions 230x145x155 mm
Weight of the kit 1.5 kg
Electrical safety class 2 type BF
Continuous operation 30 min ., a break of at least 15 minutes.

Ultraviolet bactericidal irradiator OUFb-04 “Sun” – 1 pc.
Goggles ZN 18-72-V-1 – 1 pc.
Tube with outlet Ø 5mm – 2 pcs.
Tube with outlet Ø15mm – 1 pc.
Tube with an outlet Ø15mm at an angle of 45° – 1 pc.
Instruction manual – 1 pc.
Biodosimeter – 1 pc.
Recommendations for use – 1 pc.