Slit lamp HEINE HSL 150 production HEINE (Germany)

The new HSL150 manual slit lamp with adjustable slit width is used for the diagnosis of the anterior part of the eye, both in humans and animals. Functionality, light weight and ergonomics of the device make it ideal for work both in the hospital and on the road.



  • Adjustable slot width from 0.2mm x 10mm to 0.4mm x 14mm;
  • 6x magnification with a magnifying glass 20 diopters;
  • 10x magnification with HSL 10x loupe;
  • Use of a blue interference filter for examination of the cornea of ​​the eye;
  • Use of coated optics for maximum light transmission;
  • Lamp weight (without handle) – 70 grams. The lightest handheld slit lamp ever!
  • HEINE XHL 2.5V or 3.5V halogen lamps produce pure white light comparable in brightness to classic slit lamps.