HCP-7000 Sign Projector

The first projector that allows you to forget about changing lamps. The LED assembly will ensure the operation of the projector throughout the life of the device.

The HCP-7000 projector can be used alone or as part of a Huvitz optometry system. Why the projector has the ability to connect with an interface cable to Huvitz CDR-4000 and HDR-7000 phoroptors

The high-resolution HCP-7000 character projector (50 lines per millimeter) provides a clear and crisp display of the slide on the screen, and quick slide change makes the work of the doctor easy and the patient comfortable. HCP-7000 (Huvitz, South Korea) has 41 sets of slides including red-green and polarizing filter, binocular balance test, stereo test, aniseikonia test and others. It is possible to control the slide show from the remote control of the electronic phoroptor, which gives additional convenience to the doctor and the patient. The energy saving function turns off the device after 10 minutes of inactivity. The price and functionality of the device are very attractive.

The HCP-7000 has charts for the following tests:

– Phoria tests;

– Tables for the test for vertical and horizontal coincidence (Used to determine anisectonia (difference in the perception of the size of the object) and to correct vertical and horizontal phoria);

– Special table according to Schober (Used to correct hyperphoria);

– Tables of horizontal and vertical lines for conducting tests according to F. Graffe (for vertical and horizontal phoria);

– Grid table to refine the spherical component in “far” vision;

– Stereo test table;

– Special table for binocular balance test;

– Table for determining phoria with fixation points;

– Table with an hour disk for determining the angles of astigmatism;

– Table with dots for cylindrical test using cross cylindrical (XC) lenses;

– Duochrome test

– Special four-point table for pile (color test)

– has RU