“AMBLIOTER” for the treatment of amblyopia

The device “AMBLIOTER” is intended for the treatment of amblyopia, functional underdevelopment of the retina, starting from early childhood, as well as for improving the visual acuity of the amblyopic eye in people with concomitant strabismus. The device can be used in hospitals, clinics, medical institutions, as well as at home.


Principle of treatment

Illumination of the retina of the amblyopic eye is carried out by blinding curly fields in combination with the use of successive visual images that occur after illumination.

In this case, inductive disinhibition of the cortical parts of the visual analyzer occurs, which are in a state of persistent functional inhibition during amblyopia, which forms the basis of the therapeutic effect of the use of blinding shaped photostimulation and the effect of successive images.


Distinctive features

Presentation of one visual image at a time, which allows you to increase the concentration of the patient during the procedure.

A wide range of visual images.

The presence of an automatic mode of the procedure.

Possibility to select the preferred background for observing consecutive images (white or black). Built-in stimulating background lighting to enliven consistent looks.

LED safe pulsed source of blinding photostimulation.

The presence of the function of relaxation of the patient’s visual apparatus to relieve tension after the procedure, both in manual and automatic.

A convenient control panel with a color interactive hint of the current function of the device and the applied visual image.


The order of the procedure

The procedure for carrying out the procedure in automatic mode is demonstrated in an abbreviated video, which can be viewed below. It consists in presenting all eight blinding test objects (starting with the selected one), observing positive successive images on the screen with their periodic stimulation with short flashes, and finally relieving tension in the visual apparatus by presenting a relaxing green field on the apparatus panel. (The procedure can be interrupted at any time).

In manual mode, each part of the procedure can be carried out separately at the discretion of the attending physician: select a blinding test object, present it, turn on sequential image stimulation, or turn on a relaxing green field.


Indications for use

Amblyopia of any etiology (refractive, obscurative, dysbinocular, etc.)

Reduced visual acuity with concomitant strabismus


Contraindications for use

Acute febrile illnesses.

Conditions after surgery.

Diseases of the nervous system with a sharply increased excitability.

Individual intolerance.


Skin disease with increased photosensitivity of the skin.


Taking medications that can cause drug-induced or endocrine (thyrotoxic) porphyria.



Operating mode setting time after switching on 20±2 c
The nature of the impact light pulse (flash
Emission color white
Number of magnetic field sources in one emitter 6 pcs.
Number of operating modes two:

manual (selection and presentation of test objects is carried out manually);

automatic machine (automatic presentation of all 8 test objects);

The duration of the procedure in the “Automatic” mode 4 min 05±1 s
Sound notification of the end of the procedure time yes
Time between flashes in automatic mode 27±1 s
Flash duration 20±5 ms
Seeing Sequential Patterns on the screen
Screen working area size 360×380 mm
Screen color black or white (optional)


electronic unit with a screen of test objects – 260x380x220 mm
  control panel – 175x105x50 mm
  test objects (images) – 45×30 mm
Average service life of the device, not less than 5 years
Power consumed by the device from AC mains 230V ± 10%, frequency 50 Hz, no more 35 VA
Operating temperature range +10÷+35 °C
Device weight (included), no more 2 kg