Designed for measurement inside the eye

It does not have a chin holder and joystick, does not require adjustment when positioning the patient, and has a soft air shot. This distinguishes it favorably from all other non-contact tonometers. It is enough for the patient to press his head against the forehead support and look at the illuminated target.

To measure, you need to press only one button on the touch screen (single or triple measurement), the instrument will perform all other operations. In triple measurement, the instrument will produce a series of three air pulses, the screen will display the data of each pulse and the arithmetic average of three values.

Measurement data can be printed out on the built-in printer.

Thanks to the built-in USB port, data can be transferred to a computer.


Height: 50.2 cm
Width: 26.7 cm
Length (depth): 35.6 cm
The weight: 10.43 kg
AC voltage: 100/240V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Measurement range: 7 – 60 mmHg Art. (standard for tonometers ISO 8612)


– easy to operate, touch color display

-intuitive interface

– no chin rest, joystick, lift control

– forehead support – one click

– three dimensions

– display of all measurements on the display

– built-in printer – data transfer via USB port