Binocular indirect ophthalmoscope Heine Omega 500 (Germany) NEW

100% Freedom of movement – no cable connections! The OMEGA 500 Ophthalmoscope with the nPack UNPLUGGED Rechargeable Unit provides unparalleled portability without the restrictions and clutter of cables, wires, and similar connections. In addition, the OMEGA 500 with mPack UNPLUGGED is the smallest and lightest indirect ophthalmoscope on the market!


  • The battery is built into the helmet. No interfering cables and wires
  • Lightweight and optimally balanced weight distribution. Lightweight and compact instrument provides complete user comfort
  • Light-emitting diode (LED) indicators of a charge of the accumulator. Display remaining operating time
  • Charged by wall or plug-in transformer
  • Thanks to the use of a portable transformer , you can work with the device while charging
  • Charging time 2 hours
  • Rechargeable mPack UNPLUGGED . Operating time 2 hours (with standard lamp 6V/5W)
  • Intelligent charging system. Automatically switches from working mode to charging mode when placed in a wall transformer
  • Very high safety standards. Checking the charging and technical characteristics while the device is in operation. Lithium polymer technology (non-flammable materials). UL Compliant
  • System compatibility with nFack for more charge capacity

The latest development of the binocular indirect ophthalmoscope. Patent “Synchronized Convergence and Parallax Adjustment” for high quality stereoscopy of the fundus even with small pupils. The Omega 500 head ophthalmoscope is based on the well-known Omega 180 ophthalmoscope and has been optimized for better fundus observation. In addition, the Omega 500 head ophthalmoscope has a new and improved helmet, which provides additional comfort for the doctor.

Features of the Omega 500 head ophthalmoscope

  • New multi-coated illumination system and new XHL xenon-halogen lamp eliminate corneal reflex, provide clear high-resolution fundus images and increase illumination by 100%.
  • Enhanced Small Pupil Function – Synchronized Convergence and Parallax Adjustment patent (US Patent # 4,684,227) which enables accurate observation and illumination for any pupil size. Optimization for better pupil observation down to 1 mm.
  • 30% brighter than OMEGA 180
  • Reduced volume by 20% compared to OMEGA 180.
  • In addition to convergence and parallax synchronization, a special fine adjustment of the light beam of ± 4°.
  • HEINE diffuser, 3 different apertures (point, medium, large), built-in redless, cyan and yellow filters
  • Instant adjustment for any pupil size. An aluminum frame for the optics and a dust-proof housing ensure reliability.
  • The HEINE Diffuser is used to provide soft light, facilitate examination, eliminate glare and maintain high light intensity. study, eliminate glare and maintain high light intensity. Applicable to all filters.
  • Interpupillary distance PD: 46 – 74 mm
  • Soft Control : All major controls have a soft touch surface for precise and correct control of adjustments.
  • Control levers : “Friction-Clutch” (“Safety-Clutch”) capability to protect mechanisms from forced adjustment during “locked” position

HEINE OMEGA 500 Head Helmet Features

  • Screw lock on the back of the helmet for individual vertical adjustment. Fits securely to any shape and size.
  • New ergonomic design for optimal helmet weight distribution over the entire surface (no pressure points).
  • New pleasant, softer material . Provides a more comfortable fit for the helmet on the head.
  • The helmet’s calibrated position ensures that the optics are in the correct horizontal position for precise adjustment and alignment.
  • Built-in helmet cable eliminates the usual “cable loops” on the helmet.
  • Increased soft cushion area : 40% larger than OMEGA 180.
  • Built-in optics lift adjustment: Raises the optics off the line of sight. Can be mounted on the left or right side of the helmet. The optics can be raised and fixed at 0°, 12.5°, 47.5°, 60°.
  • Helmet rheostat HC 50: Easily attaches to the left or right side of the head helmet.