Ophthalmoscope OR-3B-06 The device OR-3B-06 is intended for ophthalmoscopic examination of the fundus, examination of the anterior part of the eye, diaphonoscopic examination of the eyeball. The device is necessary in eye and optometric rooms of clinics and clinics, and also allows you to conduct research at home, at the patient’s bedside. Devices can be used in other areas of medicine (therapy, neuropathology) for making differentiated diagnoses.


Nozzle for direct ophthalmoscopy – 1
Nozzle for reverse ophthalmoscopy – no
Binocular nozzle – no
Diaphanoscopic nozzle – no Slotted
nozzle – no
Ophthalmoscopic lens 15 diopters – no
Ophthalmoscopic lens 20 diopters – no
Ophthalmoscopic lens 29 diopters – no
Lens 3 diopters – no
Illumination unit – 1
Light guide – 1
Autonomous power source:
1. Rechargeable battery 3N KGTS-0.8-1 – no
2. Rechargeable nickel-metal hydride battery 90AFN