A modern device for recording the bioelectric potentials of the heart in diagnosing the state of the human cardiovascular system.

One/three-channel electrocardiograph EK1T-1/3-07 “Axion” is successfully used both in specialized and non-core hospital departments (it is especially ergonomic for ward rounds), in polyclinics, in general practitioners’ offices, in emergency medical care, in FAP.
Compact, intuitive operation, clear ECG on the screen.


  • Construction of typical cardiocycles
  • Transfer of ECG data to PC (USB)
  • Definition of pacemaker
  • Communication with the dispatcher via voice channel
  • Automatic registration when an arrhythmia is detected
  • Building a rhythmogram, histogram, scattergram when monitoring heart rate
  • Simultaneous printing of leads 1/2/3
  • Protection against defibrillation
  • Combined power supply (mains/battery)
  • Sound indication of heart rate
  • Adjusting the level of audio signals
  • Light indication of AC mains supply, battery charge, filter status, electrode contact failure, lack of thermal paper
  • Synchronous registration in automatic mode
  • Automatic and manual operation
  • ECG signal filters: network noise, anti-tremor, drift
  • Automatic Grid Printing
  • Protection against electric shock – class II, type GF


Channels 13
Leads 12
Screen color LCD display
Screen size, mm 58×43
Length, mm 240
Width, mm 190
Height, mm 80
Working mode automaticmanual
Saving an ECG in memory 500
Input impedance, MΩ ≥20
Input voltage range, mV 0,03-10
Sensitivity, mmmV 2,5; 5; 10; 20; 40
Paper Type rolled
Paper size, mmm 57×50
Paper feed speed, mms 5; 12,5; 25; 50
Internal noise voltage, reduced to the input, no more than, μV 20
Frequency range, Hz 30-240
Battery life, h 3,5
Ability to connect to a PC eat
Possibility of power supply from the car mains No
electrical safety class II, type CF
AC power supply, VHz 22050
Power supply from the built-in battery, V 7,2
Power, VA 25
Weight, no more than, kg 1,75
Warranty period, months 12

Shipping data:

Packed dimensions, m 0.40×0.30×0.11
Packed weight, kg 6
Volume, m.cub. 0.0132
Number of items in a package 1
Package cardboard box
Additional packaging required