Destructor of needles DI-2M

The DI-2M needle destroyer is a device designed to destroy the needles of disposable syringes and protect against possible contamination from used syringes. This device also allows you to destroy the body of the syringe (cannula is cut off), which eliminates the possible reuse of the syringe. It is used in veterinary clinics, chemical laboratories.

Main advantages:

  • Security. The device uses low voltage (about 7 volts AC) to melt the needle, so the device is safe.
  • Fast work. Melting the needle takes about 3 seconds.
  • Small amount of trash. The device is extremely clean, because, apart from a small amount of debris, no other contamination remains after using the device.
  • Ease of use. The device is ready for operation after switching on, without additional settings.
  • In addition to destroying the needle, the device cuts off the cannula from the body of the syringe, which makes it impossible to use it again.
  • The device is equipped with an ozonation device – for air sterilization and destruction of harmful substances contained in the air inside the device



Burnt needle diameter

0.3 – 1.0 mm

Needle burning time

3-4 sec


220 V, 60 Hz



Mass (net)

2.36 kg.