Dairy centrifuge Nova Safety

The Nova Safety Centrifuge is a robust benchtop milk centrifuge with an angle rotor and heating. The Nova Safety centrifuge is used to determine the mass fraction of fat in milk and dairy products according to GOST 5867 and the mass fraction of protein in milk according to GOST 25179, as well as to measure the solubility of dry dairy products according to GOST 8764. It is used to determine the fat content in milk according to Gerber GOST R ISO 2446-2011 Milk. Method for determination of fat content»

The parameters of the Nova Safety centrifuge are constant and set by the manufacturer in accordance with the Gerber method: centrifugal acceleration (RCF factor) – 350 G (±50 G), internal chamber temperature – + 65ºС.

The centrifuge is controlled by a panel with a display showing the centrifugation time in minutes and buttons to start, stop, turn on the heat and set the centrifugation time.

The centrifuge lid is automatically locked at start and can only be opened after the rotor has completely stopped.

At full load, the centrifuge takes about 20 seconds to reach the rated rotor speed. The Nova Safety centrifuge is designed in such a way that it is not possible to exceed the rotational speed during the start and centrifugation phase.
The rotor braking system is smooth electric, braking time is no more than 8 seconds.
The body and inner surface of the centrifuge are coated with acid-resistant enamel for easy cleaning.

Contents of delivery:

Centrifuge NOVA SAFETY (Cat. No. 3670)

Rotor for eight butyrometers

Inserts for butyrometers (Cat. No. 3641) – 8 pcs

Instruction manual in Russian

Specifications of the Nova Safety centrifuge.

Relative centrifugal acceleration (RCA factor) 350g ± 30g
Rotor speed 1350 rpm
Number of butyrometers or test tubes placed in the rotor 8 pcs
Nominal heating temperature of the centrifuge chamber (when heating is on) 65 ºС
Centrifugation time setting range (in 1 minute increments) 1-99 min
Power supply 230V 50Hz
Power consumption, no more 450 W
Dimensions (L x W x H) 470 x 380 x 230 mm
Weight 13.2 kg