Centrifuge CLM 1-12


Laboratory centrifuge for the dairy industry TsLM 1-12 is designed to determine the mass fraction of fat in milk and dairy products according to GOST 5867-90, GOST 30648.1-99, GOST R ISO 2446-2011, the mass fraction of protein in milk according to GOST 25179, to measure solubility dry dairy products in accordance with GOST 8764, determination of the mass fraction of fat in cheeses and processed cheeses in accordance with GOST 55063-2012, determination of the mass fraction of fat in milk fat, butter and butter paste from cow’s milk in accordance with GOST 55361-2012, as well as to determine the mass fraction of fat according to GOST 31762-2012.


The speed of rotation of the centrifuge rotor TsLM 1-12 is adjustable in the range from 500 to 1,500 rpm, the operating time is from 1 to 30 minutes. The centrifuge is equipped with a plug-in heating element, which makes it possible to carry out analyzes in accordance with all existing state standards, not only for the dairy, but also for the food industry.


  • Versatility
  • Low noise
  • Complete operator safety
  • The centrifuge chamber is made of acid-resistant material
  • Built-in timer
  • Ease of Management
  • compactness
  • Modern design.
Rotor speed (step 100) rpm 500 – 1500
Relative centrifugal acceleration at 1300 rpm, g 320
Number of butyrometers or test tubes placed in the rotor, pcs. 12
Centrifuge chamber heating temperature, ºС 45 – 65
Centrifugation time setting range, min 1-30
Permissible imbalance, no more than, g 5
Power supply (voltage, frequency), V, Hz 220, 50
Maximum power consumption, kW 0.5
Overall dimensions, (length x width x height), mm 500x505x360
Weight, kg 35