The IFH bread shape meter is used in flour-grinding and baking enterprises, in laboratories where the quality of grain (flour) is assessed.

The device is designed to determine the shape stability of hearth bread by the ratio of height to its diameter when evaluating the baking properties of wheat grain (wheat flour) according to test baking GOST 27669-88. The diameter and height of hearth bread is determined using measuring rulers and expressed in mm.

The principle of operation of the device is based on measuring a bread sample between parallel planes.

The bakery product is placed between the fixed and movable jaws – the measurement result is recorded through the sight on the measuring ruler. The height of the measured bread H is set according to the marks that are made on the plane of the fixed sponge.


Limit of linear measurements, mm 0 – 250
Scale division value, mm 1
Measurement error, mm ± 1
Overall dimensions, mm 170 x 220 x 150
Weight, kg 2.5