An analogue of Zhuravlev’s device “UOP-01” is designed to isolate a sample of a certain volume from a bakery product, according to the results of weighing of which the porosity of bread is calculated by calculation.

The device is easy to use.

The device is equipped with a calibration cylinder, an ejector, a glass and a knife. In accordance with the method, a piece with a width of at least 6.0 cm is cut out from the middle of the bread product. In the place of the most typical porosity (at a distance of at least 1 cm from the crust), the crumb is cut with a sizing cylinder, introducing it into the piece with a translational-rotational motion. The calibration cylinder with the crumb located inside is combined with a trimming glass. With the help of an ejector, the crumb is moved from the calibration cylinder to the trimming glass. At the same time, the crumb should come out of the glass by at least 1 cm. The crumb protruding from the ends of the edged glass is cut off with a knife, and the resulting crumb cylinder is pushed out of the edged glass.

Technical characteristics of Zhuravlev’s device analog “UOP-01”:

Internal diameter of the calibration cylinder, mm 30.1±0.1
Cutting cup length, mm 38.0±0.1
The volume of the crumb sample formed by the device, cu. cm 27.8 – 27.9
Overall dimensions of the glass assembly, mm 40 x 40 x 155
Overall dimensions of the knife assembly, mm 20 x 45 x 180
Weight of the device, g 400