Boxing UVC – AR BioSan , steel-plexiglass, UV lamp 1*25W, table 480*645mm, with VAT!

The UVC/T‑AR PCR box is used for clean work with DNA samples. Provides protection against contamination.

All models of boxes are desktop, made of a metal frame, glass (or plexiglass) and a work surface covered with powder enamel or made of stainless steel.

The box is equipped with one open UV lamp mounted on the top of the box. UV radiation disinfects the work surface, inactivates DNA/RNA fragments for 15-30 minutes. A digital timer controls the duration of direct UV exposure. A fluorescent lamp provides illumination of the workplace.

The box is equipped with a bactericidal flow-through UV-Recirculator AR, which ensures constant disinfection inside the box during operation. Recommended when working with dangerous infectious and viral materials, DNA/RNA amplicons.

The AR UV Recirculator consists of a UV lamp, a fan and an anti-dust filter, enclosed in a special housing, i.e. personnel working with the box are not exposed to UV radiation. The recirculator increases the maximum density of UV rays, which is quite effective for DNA / RNA inactivation, while 100 volumes of the box are pumped through it in 1 hour, which creates constant aseptic working conditions inside the box.

Benefits of Biosan boxes:

– High density UV decontamination without ozone

-Long service life of UV lamps (8000 h)

-Automatically turn off the UV lamps when the front door is opened

– A bactericidal flow recirculator that provides constant disinfection of the interior of the box during operation

– Walls made of impact-resistant glass

-Low noise and power consumption

-T-4 box installation table

-Boxes are certified by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

-Boxes with AR recirculator are patented by Biosan


Box wall material type Plexiglas-Polymethylacrylate ALTUGLAS EX
Type of material of the working surface of the box Powder coated steel
open type UV lamp 1 * 25W germicidal built-in lamp


Radiation type UV (253.7nm), ozone free
UV exposure timer 0-24 hours/continuous
AR UV Recirculator Performance 14 cubic meters / hour (1.3 boxing volume in 1.3 minutes)
Lamp for lighting work. Boxing surfaces 1*TLD-15W
Side wall thickness 4mm
Front wall thickness 8mm
Protective screen thickness 8mm
Light transmission 99.99%
Protective coating against UV radiation Polymethylacrylate ALTUGLAS EX
UV Protection >99.90%
Working surface dimensions 480*645mm
Security measures Automatic shutdown of direct UV light when the protective screen is open
Number of built-in sockets Input for power cords
Nutrition 230V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 253V*A(1.2A)
Dimensions (L*W*H) 690 × 535 × 555mm
Weight (net/gross) 26/33kg
Type of table for installing the box (optional) T-4 (800×600×750mm)