Boxing UVC – – AR Biosan , stainless steel Glass, UV lamps 2*30W, table 1200*520mm, NO VAT!

The UVC/T‑M‑AR Sterile Box is used for clean handling of DNA samples. Provides protection against contamination.

All models of boxes are desktop, made of a metal frame, glass and a working surface made of stainless steel.

The box is equipped with one open UV lamp mounted on the top of the box. UV radiation disinfects the work surface, inactivates DNA/RNA fragments for 15-30 minutes. A digital timer controls the duration of direct UV exposure. A fluorescent lamp provides illumination of the workplace.

The box is equipped with a bactericidal flow -through UV Air Recirculator AR , which ensures constant disinfection inside the box during operation. Recommended when working with DNA/RNA amplicons.

The AR UV Air Recirculator consists of a UV lamp, a fan and an anti-dust filter, enclosed in a special housing, i.e. personnel working with the box are not exposed to UV radiation. The included recirculator increases the maximum density of UV rays, which is quite effective for DNA / RNA inactivation, while 100 volumes of the box are pumped through it in 1 hour, which creates constant aseptic working conditions inside the box.

Benefits of UVC/T‑M‑AR Biosan cabinets:

  • High density UV decontamination without ozone
  • Long service life of UV lamps (9000 hours)
  • Automatic shutdown of UV lamps when the front door is opened
  • A bactericidal flow recirculator that provides constant disinfection of the interior of the box during operation
  • Walls made of impact-resistant glass
  • Low noise and power consumption
  • Boxing tables
  • Boxes with AR air recirculator are patented by Biosan

Technical specifications:

Box wall material Powder coated steel and EUROGLASS glass, Germany
Work surface material Stainless steel
open type UV lamp 1 × 25W built-in germicidal lamp, TUV25WG13 UV-C
UV intensity 15 mW/cm^2/sec
Radiation type Ultraviolet (λ = 253.7 nm), no ozone
Digital setting of the direct UV exposure time 1 min. – 24 hours / continuously
UV recirculator 1 x 25W (>99% efficiency in 1 hour)
Lamp for lighting work. box surface 1 × TLD-15W
Side wall thickness 4 mm
Front wall thickness 8 mm
Protective screen thickness 4 mm
Light transmission 95%
UV protection with direct UV radiation >96% UV protection 4 MIL CLEAR film
Working surface dimensions 650 × 475mm
Security measures Automatic shutdown of direct UV light when the protective screen is open
Power supply inside the box Input for power cords or 1 built-in power socket, 1000 W max. (specify appropriate part number when ordering)
Nutrition 100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 67 W
Dimensions (L×W×H) 690 × 535 × 555 mm
Weight (net / gross) 28.8 / 39 kg