Board collapsible for the laboratory.

The collapsible board is designed for taking samples when analyzing the quality of flour, cereals, grains, etc.

The board is made of wood, has a double-sided glass work surface, white on one side and black on the other. On each side there is a recess in the side for easy extraction of grain from the surface of the board after analysis. A different color solution is necessary to study grains of different colors. For example, it is more convenient to disassemble wheat on the black side, and buckwheat on the white side.

Designed for use in laboratories of grain-receiving and grain processing enterprises, as well as research laboratories, etc.

The board is used for such laboratory tests as determination of weed and grain impurities of grain (GOST 30483-97), infestation (GOST 13586.4-83, 13586.6-93), vitreousness (GOST 10987-76), weight of 1000 grains (GOST 10842-89 ), content of fusarium grains (GOST R 51916-2002) and many other analyses.

The size of the working surface is 335 x 235 mm.
Dimensions 405 x 305 mm