Installation for determination of crumbling of feed pellets EKG The installation is designed for mechanical impact on feed samples when determining the crumbling index of granulated feed and granulated feed raw materials according to GOST 28497-90, instead of U17-EKG.

It is used in laboratories of feed mills equipped with equipment for granulating feed.

The installation consists of:

  • grinder,
  • bed,
  • electric drive,
  • time relay,
  • railings and pallets.

The grinder is a two-chamber box equipped with dividers that affect the feed sample during its rotation. The two-chamber box has two hatches for loading and unloading the sample.
The principle of operation of the installation lies in the mechanical impact of the divider and the walls of the grinder on the samples of granulated mixed fodder during the rotation of the grinder for a certain time.
The ECG unit is completed with accessories:

  • pallet and brush.


  1. mains supply 220V;
  2. high reliability;
  3. low power consumption;
  4. low weight (3.5 times less than U17-EKG);
  5. ease of handling.


Productivity, samples/h, not less 6
Sample weight, g 500 (250×2)
Number of simultaneously abraded samples 2
Eraser rotation frequency, 1/s 0.73
Sample test time, min 5
Permissible absolute discrepancy between the
crumbling index in parallel determinations, %
Installed power, kW 0.025
Overall dimensions, mm 500 x 324 x 500
Weight, kg more 20