Purka liter with a falling weight PH-2 is designed to determine the nature of the grain (the mass of grain in one liter). It is used in laboratories of grain-receiving, processing enterprises, research organizations, etc.
Purka consists of the following main units: a pencil case, a measure, a filler, a filling cylinder, a falling weight, a knife. To work with purka, electronic scales up to 3 kg of the 4th class are required. The pencil case serves as the basis for assembling the purka for work. The measure is a cylindrical glass with a hole in the center of the bottom. At the top of the measure there is a slot for a knife. The measure is installed in the flange of the box. The filler is made in the form of a hollow cylinder having grooves at the ends. This allows you to tightly install the filler on the measure. The filling cylinder is installed on the filler.
The filling cylinder has a cut-out window at one end. Here, a funnel with a damper and a lock is mounted inside the cylinder. The falling weight is made in the form of a cylinder with an annular recess. The knife is made of stainless steel sheet, has a cut in the form of a right angle. If the falling weight is at the bottom of the measure, and the knife is pushed into the measure slot, then the volume of the measure between the upper plane of the load and the lower plane of the knife is equal to one liter.
Main advantages:

  • The duration of measurements was reduced due to the use of electronic scales up to 3 kg of the 4th class. Scales are not included in the kit with purka PH-2, but are supplied by separate order.
  • Compact storage box. It is made of laminated plywood – and this is convenient for transportation and storage.
  • The “Program and method of state metrological certification No. 866-36-09” and “Method of verification No. 867-36-09” were developed.
  • Simplicity and convenience in service.
  • Modern design.


  • Measurement error of wheat grain size, g: ±4
  • The range of readings on dry grain of wheat, purified from impurities and sifted on sieve sheets with cells 2.6×20, 2.8×20, g in 6 dimensions: 2.10
  • Overall dimensions, mm:
  • in working order: 450x300x860
  • in the transported state: 450x300x200
  • Weight, kg: 11