Purka U1-PKh-1E

Designed to determine the nature – the mass of grain (wheat, rye, barley and oats) in one liter according to GOST 10840-64 instead of purka PH-1.

The scope of the new U1-PKh-1E purka is the same as the PKh-1 purki: laboratories of grain-receiving and grain processing enterprises, regulatory authorities (Rosselkhoznadzor, TsSiM, TsGiS, Grain Quality Assessment Centers), scientific institutions, etc., where the definition the indicator of grain nature is its mandatory, standardized characteristic.

The set of purka U1-PKh-1E includes: measure (measuring container), loading cylinder, preliminary measure, knife, piston (falling weight), base, passport and calibration protocol (graduation) from GNU VNIIZerna. Separately with a purka, laboratory electronic scales (under the contract) with a minimum capacity of 3000 g and a division value of 0.1 g (accuracy class according to GOST 24104-2001 – II (high)) can be supplied, on which measurements with grain are weighed.

The use of electronic scales is characterized by high accuracy, better reproducibility and allows to reduce the measurement time by 4-5 times than when using mechanical scales in purka PH-1.

Purka is equipped with laboratory electronic scales


The error of measuring the nature of wheat grain for exemplary puroks of the 1st / 2nd category, g. +-1.5/+-2.0
The error of measuring the nature of wheat grain for workers -4
The range of readings on dry grain of wheat, purified from impurities and sifted on sieve sheets with cells 2.0×16, 2.0×20, g.
for exemplary puroks of the 1st category in 20 dimensions 3.1
for exemplary puroks of the 2nd category in 10 dimensions 2.6
for workers purk in 6 dimensions 2.1
Purka overall dimensions, mm.
in working order 290x210x520
in transport condition 300x250x210
Purka net/gross weight, kg 3.6/3.8
The largest limit of weighing electronic scales (NPV), g 3000
Scale division price, g 0.1
Weighing duration, s 4-5