Bactericidal recirculator “Sibest – 45
(ORBpB-01 isp 2/1 two-lamp)”

Recirculator “Sibest-45” is available in the following configuration:


  • Sibest-45 wall-mounted;
  • Sibest-45S wall-mounted with the “RESURS” system;
  • Seabest-45 on a mobile platform;
  • Sibest-45S with the “RESURS” system, on a mobile platform.

Please check the price of the device with the manager.


Technical characteristics of the bactericidal recirculator Sibest-45


  • Illuminator performance at bactericidal efficiency 99.9 (99.0)% 45 (65) m³/h
  • Quantity and power of germicidal lamps 2х15 W
  • Power consumption 100 VA
  • Noise level no more than 40 dB
  • Overall dimensions (including on a mobile platform) 160*140*620 (300*300*850) mm
  • Weight (including on a mobile platform) 5.5 (8.5) kg


The bactericidal recirculator is designed for air disinfection of residential, office premises, medical institutions, hairdressing salons, beauty, manicure and pedicure rooms, sports, children’s, educational, industrial (food industry workshops, vegetable stores, etc.), and other premises in the presence of people.



It is operated indoors at an ambient temperature of 10 to 35°C, relative humidity up to 80% at a temperature of 25°C and atmospheric pressure from 86.6 to 106.7 kPa (from 645 to 795 mm Hg).


If the equipment was brought in from the cold, it must be given time to adapt to the room temperature, before being turned on, 2-3 hours.




Recirculators are made of metal with a polymer coating resistant to ultraviolet radiation and any disinfectants registered and permitted in the Russian Federation for disinfecting surfaces.


The metal structure of SibEST recirculators has high strength, which guarantees the absence of cracks in the body and the release of ultraviolet radiation to the outside;


The housing is equipped with a highly reflective aluminum foil screen.


A power switch and LED indicators are installed on the side of the case, signaling the presence of mains voltage and the burning of a bactericidal lamp.




Air blowing through the internal volume of the recirculator is provided by a fan through the ventilation openings (louvered grilles).


Ventilation grilles developed by SibEST specialists 100% shield direct ultraviolet radiation from a bactericidal lamp. This guarantees safety, during the operation of SibEST recirculators, for humans, animals and plants.


The uniqueness of the ventilation grille is in its V-shaped louvres in black, for the greatest absorption of ultraviolet radiation. The design is patented!


Quiet, but powerful fans (sound range within 40-45 dB sanitary standards) ensure efficient operation of recirculators.




SibEST bactericidal lamps are used as a source of ultraviolet radiation in the equipment.


Uviolet glass for SibEST germicidal lamps meets the most stringent technological standards. This is especially important for low pressure lamps used for air disinfection.


Complete filtration of the 185 nm ozone-forming spectrum and maximum Efficiency (Coefficient of Performance) in the 254 nm short wave UV range.


Lamp life 9000 hours. There is a Certificate of Conformity.


Upon delivery, each “SibEST” apparatus “FREE” is enclosed with a Journal of registration and control of the ultraviolet bactericidal installation.




Wall-mounted recirculators are placed indoors along the main air flows, at a height of 1.5-2 m from the floor, evenly along the perimeter of the room, in a vertical or horizontal position. Movable respectively on the platform.


The recirculators are supplied complete with a power cord with a two-pole plug with a grounding contact. Cord length 1.5 meters.