The ultraviolet bactericidal irradiator recirculator Dezar-2 (ORUBn2-01-KRONT) is designed for use in rooms of III-V categories: residential buildings, offices, schools and preschool educational institutions (DOE), hospital wards, medical treatment facilities.

Bactericidal recirculators Dezar-2 are designed for continuous operation in the presence of people and provide reliable protection (95% bactericidal efficiency) against airborne infections. The small size of the Dezar-2 wall model will allow you to easily place this device in any interior.


Main characteristics of Dezar-2


  • Room category III-V
  • Germicidal efficiency 95%
  • Capacity 70 m³/h
  • Overall dimensions 600 x 250 x 150 mm.
  • wall model
  • Specifications Dezar-2
  • Radiation source – ozone-free bactericidal lamp 16 W (2 pcs)
  • Transport characteristics ORUBn-2-01-KRONT (Dezar-2)
  • Packing dimensions 650 x 380 x 160 mm
  • Packing volume 0.033 m³
  • Gross weight 4 kg