Sampling device UVO-03M

Allows you to eliminate routine manual operations of introducing samples into the AAS, increases the reproducibility of measurement results and reduces the likelihood of operator errors. There are two interchangeable sample beaker cassettes, 10 beakers each, and a stock bath. Changing one cassette can be done without interrupting the analysis of samples from another cassette, which reduces downtime. The volume of one sample glass is 20 ml. The operation of the device together with AAS KVANT-2m , KVANT-2AT is carried out by a computer program. Automatic, semi-automatic and interactive (“manual”) modes of operation are possible.

The device is intended for use as an attachment to atomic absorption spectrometers KVANT-2m , KVANT-2AT and serves for automatic supply and replacement of analyzed samples.

Overall dimensions of the device, mm no more 330x300x180
Mass of the device without packing, kg no more 6,2
Number of cassettes, pcs 2
The number of glasses in the cassette, pcs 10
Working volume of the glass, ml 25
Bath volume, ml not less 520
Contents of delivery
Sample selector UVO-03 M 1
Manual 1
Accessory set
Cassettes 2
Covers for cassettes 4
glasses 20
Capillary tube 2